Girls Got Rhythm

As live music returns to the stages of the world, few performers will be happier getting back to work than the members of tribute bands. Just about every big-name artist of the Twentieth Century, at one time or another, has been paid homage (or imitated, or exploited, if you prefer) by sound- and lookalike acts; Elvis and the Beatles most often, but hundreds of other stars too. For fans, the appeal of classic songs and iconic images recreated in person at a local club is obvious – no one listens to tribute recordings, but people who enjoy concerts of any kind can readily appreciate shows of their favorite material, delivered in the style of their favorite entertainers, especially when the originals are deceased, retired, or otherwise inaccessible (an excellent book on the phenomenon is Steven Kurutz’s Like a Rolling Stone ).

The subcategory of all-female tributes to all-male bands, however, adds another dimension to the performances. Women may be glad to see the leering lyrics and poses of masculine acts subverted by a sisterhood, and to demonstrate that an often technically demanding style of music is in no way beyond their ability. Meanwhile, guys who already dig the sounds can now get into the visuals in a different, perhaps more visceral way. Somehow a female Springsteen or a female Pink Floyd tribute wouldn’t quite work, but the overdriven, oversexed motifs of hard rock and heavy metal are deliciously transformed by the feminine faction. Women to the left of me, and women to the right, but ladies first.

A heavy classic done justice, even while breaking the law:

A killer Sabbath tribute with a left-handed guitarist, even…And I never thought I’d say this, but that Ozzy sure is sexy:

The real Zeppelin never looked this good, and didn’t always sound this good, either. Hammer of the Goddesses:

There are several all-girl AC/DC acts (so to speak), but Thundherstruck has the music down solid:

These are somebody’s daughters, brought to the slaughter:

Still as hard on the eardrums as the original, but a lot easier on the eyes:

I’m happily married, but if I wasn’t, I’d be camping outside Eliana C’s door for guitar and other lessons. Molto bello: