Deep Cuts III

Some musical interludes, courtesy of YouTube, to get us through these cold winter months:

Badass.  Pure, unadulterated, 100 percent badass:

Canadian legend goes down Mexico way.  Relevant, too:

I would like to have lost my virginity to this song, although its epic length of 2:48 would have worked against me:

You may know this from Tarantino’s Jackie Brown, but day-um, that’s some righteous soul:

Good for our peace of mind:

Even when these guys do something called “Love Song,” it sounds like a dirty deed:

In anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day.  Thank you, Ms. Cassidy:

Finally, dig Ray.  Not crazy about his backup vocalists, but the song and the singer make up for it.  Good tune to hear on the job:

One thought on “Deep Cuts III

  1. It’s always interesting to see what other people’s musical tastes are like. I share Thin Lizzy and Itzhac Perlman, have in the past enjoyed the others you’ve chosen. For me with most music, once is enough. I’m one of those music nerds, though, who’d rather listen to one song in a thousand variations than a thousand different songs. Not a lot of music stands up to that.

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